St. Kitts Rainforest

If you like hiking and nature,

St. Kitts

can be a great place to live! St. Kitts has miles upon miles of beautiful rainforest to explore. Rustic trails feature unique plants and trees, waterfalls, caves, and volcano craters.

arawakgrandeheliconia 225x300 St. Kitts RainforestPicture yourself walking along a trail in the dappled sunlight. You see a giant ficus trees with roots hanging in air and raised above the ground forming intricate patterns that rival any artist’ s constructs. You hear monkeys chattering in the trees, and birds sweetly singing. You observe beautiful heliconia flowers in beautiful reds and yellows forming claws that hang down and hold pools of dew. You smell the rich earthy scent of a forest that is covered with plants that are not only beautiful but have healing properties as well. Truly a treat for the senses!

Rainforest Trails for The Beginner

There are a couple of trails that are easily navigated by the novice rainforest explorer. If you haven’t had much experience with hiking and want to see if you like it, I would suggest trying the trail at Ottley’s Plantation. As you walk past the restaurant, the trail begins on your left. It’s a trail you can easily traverse in 30 minutes or so, ottleys rainforest trail st. kitts St. Kitts Rainforestdepending on your pace. Well-marked and well-cleared it the perfect trail for your first foray into hiking St. Kitts rainforests. Many of the plant species are labeled here, allowing you to easily learn their common and botanical names. This trail boasts one of the oldest Ficus trees on island. A huge tree that is impressive in it’s size and girth. When you’ve finished the trail, continue to explore the exquisitely landscaped grounds, or have a lovely refreshment at the bar. The old stonework in the bar and restaurant, and the fantastic views of the Atlantic give you the feeling of being transported to another time.

The second trail I would recommend for the novice hiker in St. Kitts is located in Wingfield Estate. It begins near the Sky Safari platform. As you walk along this trail, you will find markers to take you to a fantastic lookout that allows you to see miles of rainforest from above, and a river bordered by beautiful red spiked plants with hummingbirds flitting among them. A little longer trail, it should take about an hour at a reasonable pace.

Other Ways To Experience the Rainforest in St. Kitts

Sky Safari is also a good way to see the rainforest from above for those that are strong of heart and adventuress. They have several zip lines you can traverse at breakneck speed just above the roof of the rainforest. My fear of heights precludes me from doing this. But, from all reviews I’ve heard, it’s a fun and exhilarating experience.

For those of you that are unable to walk long distances due to health, Spectrum ATV tours located in Wingfield Estate offer tours of the rainforest on quad bikes. Not the same perspective as being immersed in nature, but still an interesting way to explore our beautiful St. Kitts rainforest.

Rainforest Hikes For The Physically Fit

DSC01491 300x225 St. Kitts RainforestI highly recommend other trails, such as the volcano hike, the Petroglyphs, or Doudon Pond be experienced with a qualified tour guide. The trails are long and aren’t marked so a person could easily get lost without a guide. One of the best, and the first tour service offered in St. Kits, is Greg’s Safaris. Greg was born and raised in St. Kitts and has an amazing knowledge of island history, plants, and animals. I have been on Greg’s tours several times and each time I come away with new information about herbal cures, the history of the island, and the unique species of birds, plants, and butterflies. Be aware the hikes to the volcano and Doudon Pond are quite strenuous and a good state of fitness is recommended, each of them require a couple hours of uphill hiking.

Other Hiking Experiences

Recently, we were fortunate to take part in a hike organized by the St. Kitts Heritage Society that took us to Lawyer Stephens Cave. A cave in the rainforest of Olivees that during the 1700′s was home to the great abolitionist Lawyer Stephens for 11 years. Lawyer Stephens was instrumental in abolishing slavery in St. Kitts, and defended wrongly accused slaves during his stay here. Living in the cave, on neutral land, to avoid being labeled as part of the aristocracy that enslaved Africans. I had never been to the cave before and was thrilled to be able to see this historical spot. I’m hoping the Heritage Society will continue these sorts of activities in the future.

If you are an experienced hiker, and would like to challenge yourself while seeing St. Kitts beautiful rainforest, the Hash House Harriers offer hikes every three weeks. You’ll be able to explore some amazing places. Not all of the 026 225x300 St. Kitts Rainforesthikes they do will be in the rainforest, but I’ve seen some pretty amazing places with waterfalls, quiet pools constructed from natural rock formations, and forests of bamboo. If you love being out in nature, seeing beautiful sights, and vigorous physical exercise this could be the group for you.

I hope while you are living in St. Kitts you will take advantage of the unique opportunities that our island our island provides, and get out to enjoy the beauty of our rainforests.

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