St. Kitts Has A Lot To Offer

Whenever we have friends come to visit they say “You must be bored living on such a small island”. Then we start taking them out to see the sights, and by the end of the trip they’re worn out and ready to take a nap on one of our beautiful beaches. south penninsula view of Nevis 150x150 St. Kitts Has A Lot To Offer
For a 68 square mile island, St. Kitts has a lot to offer. From lounging on our postcard perfect beaches, swimming and snorkeling, to hiking, golfing, and shopping. There is something for everyone on this beautiful tropical island.
Water Activities
There are water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving on reefs teaming with fish. There are also scuba tours of old shipwrecks. A few shipwrecks, in White House Bay, are close enough to shore you can see them just by snorkeling. There is a new business opening this fall that will offer Snuba. Similar to scuba diving, but no diving certification is required and no heavy air tank to drag around.
diver shipwreck and fish 150x150 St. Kitts Has A Lot To OfferIn addition to underwater activities there are also catamaran trips, kayak tours, jet ski rentals, and wind surfing.
St. Kitts has a number of beautiful, white sand beaches to relax on including Cockleshell, South Friars, Frigate Bay Beach, Turtle Beach, Majors Bay, and Banana Bay on the Caribbean side with calm, crystal clear water for swimming in. The waves are larger on the Atlantic side, perfect for skim boarding and surfing. Beaches on the Atlantic side include Sandy Bank, North Friars, and the beaches near the Marriott.
On most of the beaches in St. Kitts you’ll find lovely restaurants and beach bars to serve you anything from a hamburger to grilled local fish or lobster. Most of them have interesting drink specials, ice cold beer, and tantalizing frozen drinks. There’s really nothing better than sitting by the sea supping on grilled local lobster with your favorite libation. It’s such a relaxed feeling of luxury surrounded by gorgeous views.
Land Activities
Take a tour on the Scenic Railway. Formerly used to transport sugar cane to the sugar factory, the railway offers fantastic views of St. Kitts.
Explore Brimstone Hill a World Heritage site. The fort is an architectural marvel that took over 100 years to build, and is one of the first fortresses built in the Caribbean.DSC00383 150x150 St. Kitts Has A Lot To Offer
Tour Romney Manor located in 10 acres of lush gardens. It is home to Caribelle Batik where you can see demonstrations of the cloth dying process Batik. This process uses several layers of dye that are blocked out with wax creating designs and colors which richly represent the Caribbean.
Visit our museums. There are three historical museums. One in the central part of the fort at Brimstone Hill. One museum run by the National Heritage Society in the former Treasury Building in downtown Basseterre. There is also a small museum on Central Street in Basseterre, run by a gentleman named Zack that has a wealth of information on the history of St. Kitts he will be happy to share with you.
Visit Art Galleries. St. Kitts is home to many exceptional artists. Among them is Kate Spencer, Rosie Cameron, and Tom Jones. They all create beautiful expressions of Caribbean life on canvas. Nandy King specializes in Silk Art and has a studio you can visit. St. Kitts Craft House offers unique items crafted by locals out of wood, coconut shell, and sea shell. You can also find beautiful shell craft at Palm Court Gardens in Fortlands.
Shopping in St. Kitts is also fun! You can find many unique items in our stores in downtown Basseterre as well as in Port Zante. Many of the stores offer their goods duty-free. You can find great deals on liquor, jewelry, and perfumes as well.
Nature Activities
DSC00592 150x150 St. Kitts Has A Lot To OfferThe hiking is great in St. Kitts. There are trails to be followed in Wingfield Estate that lead you through rich, verdant rain forest with vibrantly colored Heliconia dotting the trail. You can also find well marked trails at Ottley’s Estate.
For more rugged tours that require a guide, Greg Pereira does fantastic tours that include lunch, and his wealth of knowledge on the flora and fauna of St. Kitts, and the unique history of the island. His volcano hike takes you on a trek through the rain forest to the crater of Mount Liamuiga 3,800 feet above sea level. You can see more about the tours Greg offers on his web site at
For those that love a thrill, there is ziplining. Sure to give you an adrenaline rush as you sail over lush rainforest with panoramic views.
There are also ATV tours located in Wingfield Estate that can help you see the island in a whole different way. The tours take you up into the rain forest and through the cane fields at a little faster pace.
St. Kitts is home to many unique species of wildlife. There are the green vervet monkeys and mongoose that you will find widely spread. There are also several species of birds, butterflies, and plant life that are completely unique to our Federation. Taking a guided tour can help you to see these unique species. If you are interested in Green Vervet Monkey image 150x150 St. Kitts Has A Lot To Offerbird watching this site can give you a good listing of what birds can be seen here and has some great pictures as well.
Other Activities
St. Kitts has some fantastic restaurants. Many in unique settings such as old plantation houses that boast World-Class Chefs.
There are bars featuring live music, dancing, karaoke, bonfires, and fire-eaters. For a calender of events you can look at Renee’s site at
You’ll also find casinos that feature slot machines, poker, roulette, and Black Jack to name a few.
St. Kitts also has a Horse Racing Track that is open on Sundays. Beaumont Park is located in Dieppe Bay on the North end of St. Kitts.
If you’re a golfer, St. Kitts is home to a World-Class Championship 18-hole golf course that can offer you a challenge and some really great views.

DSC00109a 150x150 St. Kitts Has A Lot To Offer

Virgin Hashers Doing a DownDown

There are also several social groups that can help to entertain you. One of which is the St. Kitts Hash House Harriers. Calling themselves “Drinkers with a Running Problem” they schedule walks/runs every three weeks that can take you to some remote parts of St. Kitts you might not see otherwise.
If you would like to try any of the tours I’ve mentioned, Liz Pereira can book them for you. She has very good reviews of her service. You can find her website here or look for her on Facebook at

I’m sure there are still things I’ve forgotten but this post has gotten really lengthy. I hope you’ve realized that there is no reason to be bored in St. Kitts.

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