Professional 1-Bedroom Apartment (L)

894 300x225 Professional 1 Bedroom Apartment (L)This Apartment is our second largest 1-Bedroom Apartment. With 625 square-feet of living space you’ll have plenty of room to move about! Private Patio, Walk-In Closet, and air-conditioned, luxury living space will make living in St. Kitts a true pleasure!

As with all of our other apartments all your hook-ups for Cable TV, Broadband Internet, and Telephone are there. Just set up your account and you’re ready to start using them. If you’ve ever tried to get these services installed in any other place you’ve lived in St. Kitts you know what a blessing and a time saver this is! No waiting for service to run wires with this one. Everything is in place.

This 1-Bedroom Apartment also features a true luxury in St. Kitts, a washer/dryer combo! We totally understand how someone with a busy lifestyle needs to economize when it comes to time management. No hanging your good clothes out on a line here! With this washer/dryer combo you’ll have the job done in no time!

With the way the electric rates have increased in St. Kitts you’ll really appreciate the savings you’ll see from using an On-Demand Water Heater! On-Demand means it’s only heating water that you are using instead of heating a large water tank for hours on end. You can have all the hot water you want, or need, and not have to worry about the electricity charges!

Let’s face it, living in the tropics can be a tad on the warm side! With your apartment being completely air-conditioned, your friends will be begging for invitations to come over to your place!

All furniture and appliances are included with our apartments!

All you need to move in, and live in total comfort, is your clothes! We’ve thought of everything. Towels, linens, cook ware, dishes, silverware, small appliances, new model large screen TV’s, coffee maker, toaster, and more. It all in there!

We’ve also installed Designer Lighting for your comfort. Whatever your mood you can set the lights to reflect it. Bright when you’re working or reading, or soft when you’re entertaining.

We’ve also installed security bars on the windows and security doors. No one is coming in, unless you invite them! Living in this apartment you’ll have true peace of mind!

We offer Short or Long-Term Leasing options on our apartments. If you would like to find out more about pricing or schedule a tour of the apartment, call Caroline at 466-5050. Just specify Professional 1-Bedroom (L)

Apt31 Professional 1 Bedroom Apartment (L)


 For More Information About This Apartment Call Caroline at 869-466-5050


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