Luxury 1-Bedroom (R)

Luxury One-Bedroom (R) Apartment

This apartment is designed

with the professional in mind!

JULY 2011 635 300x225 Luxury One Bedroom (R) ApartmentHere you’ll find 610 square feet of comfortable, well-furnished living space.
All your connections for Cable TV, Broadband Internet, and Telephone in place just waiting for you to set-up your account and start using them.
This apartment has a Washer/Dryer Combo included. If you’ve spent any time on St. Kitts you know what a rare commodity a Dryer is!
With On-Demand Hot Water you’ll heat just the water you’re using, and not a large tank. That will save you money on your electric bill.
This apartment unit is fully air-conditioned, allowing for your complete comfort.
All of your furniture and appliances are included. Beautiful furnishings that will make you proud to bring your friends and associates home. State-of-the-Art modern appliances to chill your drinks to the coldest temperature, keep your food crisp and fresh, and cook your food to perfection.
We also provide Designer Lighting. So you have just the right amount of light when you need it, but can turn it down when you want to relax.

No worries about break-ins with this apartment! We’ve fitted it with security doors and have also installed security bars on the windows. The greatest deterrent to theft there is!
Our building is newly constructed so there won’t be concerns with leaks, electrical, or plumbing.
We offer short-term or long-term leases to accommodate your needs. If you would like more information or would like to schedule an appointment to see the apartment in person please contact Caroline at Sugar’s phone 869-466-5050.  Specify your interest in the One-bedroom (R).

You can see the floor plans for this apartment below;

apt1 Luxury One Bedroom (R) Apartment

 For More information about this apartment call 869-466-5050 and ask for Caroline

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